Monday, October 13, 2008

My Favorite Sea Creatures!

So.... someone mentioned the Monterey Bay Aquarium the other day and it made me remember our families trip there. And, after thinking about it for a while, I decided to do a short post about two of my favorite sea creatures.

As most of you know... I love horses! So, it shouldn't surprise you when I say that my #1 favorite sea animal is the Sea Horse!

The rolls of these little creatures are very interesting! It's fun to watch as they twirl their tails around seaweed or some other stationary object. The courtship process is also very intriguing! It is very similar to our "courtship" in that they swim side by side, hold "hands" (tails actually) and even dance together!

My #2 favorite is a cousin to the first. This would be the Sea Dragon.

Aside from being a cousin to the sea horse.... I love this little creature for its looks... which may sound strange. :) God has given this little animal an amazing camouflage! It looks just like a piece of seaweed floating in the water! When I saw the plaque for this little guy I was expecting this big, ugly, mean looking creature! At first I couldn't even see the real sea dragon even though it was right in front of me!

Both of these sea animals are proof that God is amazing!!!

All photos courtesy of Wikipedia.

Disclaimer - Please excuse all strange wording and non-understandable thoughts. My brain has decided to take a vacation and so is not working very well! :) Thanks!

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