Tuesday, October 28, 2008

At Daniel's and Kristin's - Day 3

Today we went over to "Grandma's" house. I didn't take many pictures of the kids today... but I took pictures of "The" project Kristin and I are working on. I'll post pictures later. :)


saRah jAnE.... said...

Thanks for the comment! Yes, I am having a wonderful day. Hope you are having a great day as well. I have enjoyed reading your blog, you do some great posts. I heard that your family might not be able to make it to our barn party this year.

sarah jane

Micah Ferrill said...

Tag! You're it.

Sarah Boyd said...

Hi Hannah,
Did Micah just tag you with the same "tag" that I'm about to? Tag!
You don't have to respond unless you want to!

In Christ,