Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I've been tagged!

Hmmm..... a new thing for me! But, I guess it's good to try new things every once in a while..... right? So... here it goes!

Fall Favorites

1. Favorite smell? Fresh apple pie in the oven!

2. Favorite food? Moms sweet potato cass., corn cass. and Daniels strawberry pretzel salad!!!

3. Favorite color? Dark red and deep purple.

4. Favorite drink? Cold - Sparkling apple cider... Hot - Warm apple cider!

5. Favorite treat? Hmmm..... does spending time with family count? :)

6. Favorite place to go? Out in the middle of the woods or walking our street looking at the beautiful color in the leaves!!!

7. Favorite candy? Candy corn.

8. Favorite movie to watch? Hmmm.... the one movie we only watch in the fall is Martin Luther.

9. Favorite clothing to wear? Long, swishy skirts and 3/4 length shirts.

10. Favorite outdoor activity? Walking in the trees, throwing the Frisbee and enjoying Gods creation.

11. Favorite football team? You mean there is something other than Alabama?!?!?! :)

12. Favorite fall holiday? Thanksgiving

13. Favorite Haunted place? (you know haunted means “frequently visited”?) My room with a good book or walking in the woods!

14. Favorite Food at Thanksgiving Dinner? *Foods :)...... Sweet potato Casserole and Corn Casserole.

15. Favorite Pie? Dutch Apple warm out of the oven with vanilla ice cream!

16. Favorite Fall Hobby? Helping mom decorate!

17. Favorite Fall Memory? Tim and Jodi's first thanksgiving with us! We had a ravioli for dinner instead of turkey but it was good!!!!

18. Favorite Fall Sight? That shouldn't be too hard to guess by now! :) The lovely leaves, if you can't!

19. Overall Favorite thing about Fall? The leaves and fellowship with friends and family!

20. Overall Favorite Season? There's a tie between Spring and fall... but I guess I should say fall. Since this is a fall thing! :)

I tag... Ana and Mom

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