Monday, October 20, 2008

Am I weird?

Is it weird for someone to invent their own word? Because I have!

Several years ago (I'm not sure exactly how long) this word popped out in my vocabulary and just seemed to stick! I'm not the only one who uses it either. Most of my family have also taken to using it! Though, obviously, I was the first!

So, you may be wondering... what is this strange word which I have invented? Well, here it is..... (lol... I spent about 5 min. trying to decide how to spell it!)

Schnikezoids! or Schnikes! for short.

definition... used in times of amazement, excitement and astonishment. Similar to WOW!, Man! and.... well, I think you get the picture! :)

So.... now that I have told you one of my deepest, darkest secrets.... :)
Have you or anyone you know (besides me) ever invented a word that stuck? If so, what was it? And, honestly, am I weird, strange, crazy and, well, 'unique' for coming up with my own word?

And, as I say to my siblings when they use my word around me...... It's My Word!!! :)

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Stephen Boyd said...

Weird? For inventing a word? I thought you were weird if you did not invent a word!

I confess to inventing several but for the sake of my dignity and reputation, I will not repeat them.

When Michael was younger he would refer to things he knew nothing about as "strikelnoodles" or "strikel" for short.