Friday, September 26, 2008

The Eye of an Artist

Yes, I know I was suppose to do this earlier this week! But better late then never, right?

If you look closely the rocks look like a man sleeping on the ground (at least, to me). It has always made me think of the story about Jacob. The one were he sleeps on the ground with a rock for a pillow.

When we moved here, I noticed this pile of rocks... and from the first it reminded me of a certain Bible story. Can anyone (besides mom and Micah) guess which story? I'll post the answer in one week.


Stephen Boyd said...

I'm going to guess it reminds you of the story in Exodus 33:22.

BTW, is that the pile of rocks that Joel keeps saying he's gonna make into benches?

Hannah said...

Hey Stephan!

This pile of rocks is in front of a house down the street. The one with the cross draped with a red scarf and the lamb.

Stephen Boyd said...


It really does look like a body, that's funny!

Did y'all arrive safely in CA?

Hannah said...

Hey Stephen,

No, we haven't left yet. We found out on Tuesday that it got pushed back again. We were all pretty disappointed. But, at least we'll be here for the barn dance next week!

Stephen Boyd said...

Oh no!!!

I know y'all were really fired up, what a disappointment! I guess y'all are going to combine the UT trip also?

Actually, the Barn Dance was moved back to Nov. 8. :(

Great choice of profile picture, btw.

Hannah said...

Yes, we're planning to go strait to UT after leaving CA. It means we'll be gone a little longer but there's nothing we can do about that.

Were did you hear that about the barn dance? Oh well, I guess we'll get over that disappointment as well. :)

And thank you. Sarah is the one who took it. Not bad for a 5 year-old!

Stephen Boyd said...

I'll forward you the email.

We'll probably both miss it because we're going out of town that weekend also. Oh well, that just means we need to get together for a Christmas ball, or something.

Sarah took that!?!?!?
I'm really impressed!

Hannah said...

Thanks for the email!

We definitely need to do something! Even if it's just our church!

I made a deal with Sarah. The day she took the picture was her birthday and I wanted to get a couple pictures of her. She didn't want her picture taken so I traded with her. She let me take her picture and I let her take a picture of me.

Stephen Boyd said...

No problem. Would you mind making sure everyone at our church gets that information?

I would hate for someone to show up and, nobody's home!

Hannah said...

Sure, no problem!