Friday, June 6, 2008

Huntsville Space and Rocket Center

As I promised (though rather late), the Space and Rocket Center!

The day started with rides as mom didn't want to be out as it got hotter. The first ride we did was the Space Shot.

It was fun!! This is what the website says about it...

What does a rocket launch really feel like? Three, two, one, liftoff! Rocket 140ft straight up in 2.5 seconds. 4 G's of force on launch! 2 - 3 seconds of weightlessness out of your seat then a 1 G free fall!

We (Micah down to Josiah) ended up doing it a total of four different times!

We then walked around and saw different rockets, missiles, vehicles and landing reproductions.

We then did the G-force simulator. We found out later that it was pulling 3 negative G's. We (Micah down to the twins) did it a total of three times!!!

While we were doing that mom and Sarah found a ride for smaller people! Josiah later commented that it seemed a lot like a Tigger ride (as you will see, it was very bouncy!).

Untitled from Rochirmil Ferrill on Vimeo.

Sarah and the twins loved it as well! I lost count of how many time they did it.

We then met-up with dad and headed inside.

The first thin we found was the Mars Mission! The had a ride that was supposed to be a land rover kinda thing. I took three video's with it.

The first was outside as we were waiting our turn.

Untitled from Rochirmil Ferrill on Vimeo.

This is our first ride and you can see the screen pretty well.

Mars Mission #1 from Rochirmil Ferrill on Vimeo.

The second ride I sat in the very back so you can't see the screen as well but you can see a little more of the bumps and shakes of the ride!

Mars Mission #2 from Rochirmil Ferrill on Vimeo.

We then wandered around looking at the different displays.

A Futuristic soldier.


A UGV and UAV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle and Unmanned Air Vehicle).

We then went to the Mars Mission Climbing Wall.

We then walked around looking at more displays and then returned to the rides.

I do have more pictures but, as I said, there are several more than I could post here. If you want to see more than you will have to ask me directly at some point or other.

Well, I think I've shared enough now. I'm almost positive that ya'll will be tired of seeing my tiny, little, unimportant posts and then the long, boring, unimportant posts. Oh, well. It means a lot to me that you made it all the way to the end!

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Lora Lynn said...

I think the Tigger ride looks like fun.