Monday, June 23, 2008


Tonight, for dinner, I decided to use up some of the herbs and produce from our garden.

Some one told me that rosemary was good on chicken. So, I drizzled the chicken with olive oil, placed the rosemary on top, then sprinkled everything with a little salt and pepper.

About half of the squash was from our garden but all of it was organic!

All of the ocra came out of the garden tho one or two of them were slightly over done.

The broccoli was the only thing that didn't have something from the garden.

Unless you count the peaches that went into the peach cobbler (which hasn't been cooked yet in this picture).

The salad had some lettuce, green onion and tomatoes from the garden.

I also made sweet tea with fresh mint! That was one of the best cups of sweet tea I've ever had!

And...the finished product! It all turned out pretty well considering I didn't know what I was doing! :) Mom was a BIG help adding this ingredient and cutting up that! THANKS FOR YOUR HELP MOM!!!

And now to go eat that peach cobbler that almost ready!


Ana Smith said...

Yum-licious! You were making me hungry on facebook. I finally decided to head over and see what you did. Great job!

Lora Lynn said...

What a feast! Where was MY invitation to dinner? :-)