Sunday, June 8, 2008

Crafts with Denim!

My mom sent me this link and said I should blog about my birthday gifts that I received the past two years from my dearest friend. So, here is goes!

Last year, for my sixteenth birthday, my parents surprised me by flying my dear friend Elisabeth out. For my birthday she not only brought herself but she gave me a denim purse filled with very cute and thoughtful things. Among the things in the purse was a hand-made notepad to go in it!

This year, she and her younger sister Hannah (who is also one of my dearest friends) made me a notebook! They decorated and personalized it just for me!

Aren't they lovely? I have used the notepad much in the past year so it is not as pretty looking as it did but I still love it!

So... what do you think of my talented friend's talents???

Thank you, Elisabeth and Hannah, for your friendship and love! I hope I will be deserving of it someday!

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Ana Smith said...

Thanks for sharing the pics and link! I'm going to use the ideas and make some things w/Paytton (the little girl I tutor).