Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Start The Count-Down Now!

So... my dad purchased my plane ticket today!!! I now have to try and wait three weeks and two days before I see my niece and nephew! Of course that shouldn't be too hard with all our family has going on between now and then. The biggest thing coming up is a costume ball which Micah (with help from me and others) will be teaching. That is this Friday and I am working long hours trying to get all of the costumes ready.

Speaking of which... I should probably try to get a little more done before it gets to much later. I'll try to remember to take and share pictures.


Monica said...

That is exciting Hannah!
We will all be glad to see you again!!! :0)


Kristin said...

You should definitely do a picture post soon with all the sewing you've been doing! I expect to see a post about the ball at the very least! ;-)