Friday, May 16, 2008

The Imperials

Have any of you heard of The Imperials? Well, this is one of their songs that I love.

Oh Buddha

Well old buddha was a man,
And I'm sure that he ment well.
But I pray for his disciples, lest they wind up in hell.

And I'm sure that old muhammed, thought he knew the way,
But it won't be hare' christna we stand before on the
judgement day.

No it won't be old buddha, whose sitting on the thrown
And it won't be old muhammed, whose callin' us home
And it won't be hare' christna, who plays that trumpet tune
And we're goin' to see the Son not reverend moon. (refrain)

Now I don't hate anybody, so please don't take me wrong,
But there really is a message, in this simple song.
You see there's only One Way-Jesus, if Eternal Life is your goal.
And meditation of the mind, it won't save your soul.

Because it won't... (refrain)

Now you can call yourself a baptist, and not be born again,
A presbyterian or a methodist, and still die in your sin.
You can even be charismatic, shout and dance, and jump a pew.
But if you hate your brother, you won't be one of the chosen few.

Cause it won't be a baptist, that's sittin' on the thrown,
A presbyterian or a methodist, that's callin' us home.
It won't even be charismatic, that plays that trumpet tune
So let's all just live for Jesus, because he's comin' back real soooooon.

Cause it won't be old buddha...(Refrain)

Yes were goin' to see the Son, and not reverend moon...not reverend moooon.

Here is a slideshow someone put together with the song as background music.


I get tired, at times, with all of the disagreements between Baptists, Presbyterians, and all of the other denominations. I know both Baptists and Presbyterians and I agree with different points from both denominations but I would be categorized as a Baptist. But, I have decided that when someone asks me which I am that, instead of saying that I'm a Baptist, I will say that I'm a Christian first and a Baptist second.

Please feel free to share your thoughts! I would love to hear what others think on this point.

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