Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Life in the past Couple of Weeks

Well, in the time which has elapsed since my last post has been a wirl! Mom and Dad left my older brother and I to take care of our younger siblings for a whole week! We did fine keeping the house going, making sure people didn't kill each other and having company over (with permission from parents!).
After they got back, Dad had a buisness trip and was going to be gone a week. So, Mom decided it was a good time to make a few changes to some of the bedrooms. Last week we... bought paint for two bedrooms, striped the wallpaper border in the girls room and painted in the girl's and younger boy's room. This week we will be putting rooms back together and makeing quilts, of sorts, to go on the girl's beds. We still need to come up with a pattern and buy fabric. Along with the quilts we will be makeing vallances, windowseat cushions and pillows for the room. All in all my Mom intends to keep herself and me very busy! I'll post pictures of the before and after in the girls room soon.

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